Monday, October 23, 2006

The Boxer

This is a Saturday morning sketch.

So I went to this boxing match in Hollywood about 2 years ago. I had the pleasure of sitting ring side next to an old retired boxing champ from the 80's. His face looked like a Baseball mitt and his nose looked as if it had been chewed on by a mutt, but his wife was hot. He said something that night that I would never forget.

It was the second fight of the night and Action Jackson was getting beat to a pulp by Dirty Sanchez. Clearly, Jackson had no technique and was just rolling with the punches, running, and just trying to survive the fight. In the fourth round, of a 6 round fight, the old champ got up and started screaming at Jackson saying, "If your not going to fight do us all a favor and take a knee". I then heard him say to his wife,"He's too much of a pretty boy hes afraid to get hit, hes got other things on his mind besides winning". Jackson ended up losing the fight by majority decision, it was boring, it was a sad performance, and the worst fight of the night.

If your not going to fight do us all a favor and take a knee. Posted by Picasa