Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Show Flyers and checklist

With the help of The sauce creative services I had flyers printed. Its official now. We are having a show.

You are cordially invited to an event of Art and Wine
In support of
Juan Balandran
Artist in Residency @ Wannabee Gallery Milan, Italy

Saturday, August 4th, 2012
Spring Towers rooftop
639 s.Spring st/ Los Angeles, CA 90014

Fundraising event will benefit Artists residency in Milan, Italy
Sept.12th - October22nd

This event is hosted, funded and paid for by the artist, with support from:
The Sauce creative services
Kin Agency for The Arts
The Franklin Weston Collection

 This is a check list of all my to-do stuff left for the show:
I found someone who is going to let me use their PA system for music. I will not have a DJ because this is not a party, its an art show.
I am putting together a cleaning crew for the event and also assembling a set up and break down crew. I have to set up in 2-3 hours and breakdown in 1hr...Its possible.
I may not need to build anymore sculpture pedestals, I own 10 at the moment, but I do need to decide what I will be showing.
The Sauce CS will be printing out a couple of banners for me which they need Hi-res images of.
I need show insurance, liquor license, and Wine...a whole lot of wine.
Need to finish sending out invites.
Anyone have a Cube truck I can borrow? may need to rent one.

Also I will be showing a couple of works in progress/ clay originals at the show as well. Here is an image of one of them:

Thursday, July 05, 2012

August 4th show is coming together!

This past week has been very busy. I managed to (with the help of my good friend Dave Kawano from U-1 toy arts) finish 3 new sculptures and get them to the Foundry to have them cast for the show. I will be presenting three new bronzes at this show.

The Gandhi sculpture stands at 30in. He will be cast in bronze with a white patina applied to his garment.

The Murderer sculpture will be cast in bronze with a black patina.

Rooster is a sculpture I made for you, the fan, supporter. The intention of this piece was to create a bronze sculpture that could easily fit into anyones budget. I will be offering 30 limited edition (Red) Rooster sculptures at the show. details to follow.
For those of you just tuning in, I will be having a fundraising rooftop art show for my artist in residency program in Milan Italy. The funds will go towards creating new work while in Milan, Italy. This Los Angeles show will be hosted atop a wonderful historic art deco building overlooking the downtown Los Angeles skyline. Here is a sample of this spectacular view.
An official online flyer with more info will be posted soon. cheers!
-Red Rooster