Sunday, February 21, 2010

It starts with an emotion...

...or a sketch on a bar napkin; Ive got one too many of those.

Actually, to be fair, it starts with lots of hard work, practice, and tons of education. Now with out getting to deep in to this subject; An artist, or rather, a Good Artist is very much like a good writer or good public speaker. There is a certain amount of education and practice one needs in order to be able to properly articulate what it is they wish to say. In my opinion a good piece of art, like a good speech, is a well articulated expression. So, proper education, tons of practice, lots of hard work, and loads of ambition, are key to ones success as an artist.

I carry a note pad with me most of the time and I try and carry a pen with me all the time. I have a sketch book at home in which I further define doodles from my notebooks, bar napkins, or random pieces of paper. The key is to always be ready to draw, write or doodle an expression at the drop of a dime. Now, the more doodles or drawings that I make the better my chances are of creating something worth finishing. Most of the time I fail miserably and produce doodles that are similar to soiled baby diaper art. Out of those doodles, I'd have to say, I probably take 25% to the sketchbook for further refinement and out of those further refined, I probably take 10% all the way to a finished sculpture. One must fail, sometimes miserably, hundreds of times before producing anything worth a nickle.

This particular piece went through eight or nine versions and countless amounts of doodles, before I was comfortable with it. The idea is to produce a series of bronze relief style masks, each expressing a different emotion/feeling. (although, sometimes I fear they will all express frustration...jeez!) Along with the final sketch I have included a failed version with a couple of doodles. This is how all my sculptures begin.
-Juan Balandran (Red Rooster)

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