Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mr. Green

Mr. Green was a sculpture that did not survive the molding process, his remains can be found at my bro's house. I've been thinking of re-doing him for my next show but that's still up in the air. The inspiration comes from Jazz music and the night life. I wanted him to feel cool and smooth. This was the first of my sculptures done in this style, by far one of my favorite pieces.


david maas said...

Hey - your stuff is fantastic!
Love the edges and fleshiness.

Wheer's your gallery? I weant more!

RedRooster said...

Hey David, glad you dig my stuff. I suppose my gallery, for now, is the dilapidated garage I stay at. Im planning out a show for the end of the year. Location is still up in the air. Check back for updates.

RedRooster said...
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Mr Harte said...

really cool sculpure.