Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This is a work in progress of Camilla. She is based on the character from John Fantes novel ask the dust. The reason I chose to sculpt her was because ,if you read the book you would know, that Camilla was sort of a loose cannon of a woman, a wild woman who wore her heart on her sleeve. Well,I too new a girl like that once, and like Arturo Bandini I fell hard for her.

I would never forget that girl. A ghetto baby who was addicted to coke by the age of 20, Had more men in her stable than Heidi Flies, and looks that would get away with murder. The funny thing was that she got with me 'cause she thought I was loaded with cash, and she actually did get me for 40 bucks to pay for her coke once. But the joke was on her 'cause little did she know my ass was broke and still livin at home but at least "I got mines".

There's one thing I always wondered, you know how when you donate blood and they ask you , "Have you ever had any sex with another person for money or drugs?" Does it count, if you went out with a chick, dropped a crap load a cash on her, and then got laid? Shoot, she probably slept with more guys than a hooker. I always answer with, "shit man, I'm giving you my blood for free, you got no right to be picky."


Anonymous said...

Red Rooster, I love your style man! I can't wait to see more of your work! What medium are you using, Chavant clay?

RedRooster said...

These are made with J-mac sculpting wax, medium-brown.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Juan,

the stuff gets more and more interesting each time.

Thanks for posting these..

Jmac5000 said...

That's right baby. I'm talkin' about wWAXx.

Process Junkie said...

My kind of woman! Excellent work, man!!


Bruno Fernandez said...

Muy buenas las figuras, y muy interesante como desde el dibujo pasas a la figura "real".
Saludos !!!