Friday, August 04, 2006


Since I took this picture I have added a skirt and further defined Ruby. She is currently laying in a clay bed awaiting, "sufficient funds", to be molded.
Ruby is a stripper who works south of downtown LA at the Alameda strip club and bar. I dig that place 'cause Budweiser's are 2.50 a piece as opposed to the 4 or 5 bucks you pay at other joints. Ruby gives lap dances for 10 bucks and they are full songs too. One night I got there at about 1am and got some dances from her. She gave me 3 lap dances for only $20, being that they where the last three songs of the night. They turned on the lights meaning we all had to leave, so as I got up from my lap dance Ruby told me that 200 bucks got me whatever I wanted, as long as I gave her a ride home after. I was tempted, but being that my ass is always broke I had to pass. Someone once told me that women take rejections a lot harder than men. Maybe its true. The following week I went back and sat down like a big man, thinking Ruby would remember me but she just kept walking by. Finally, when I got the chance to wave her down, she came over and our conversation went like this,
"Hey, remember me, the RedRooster?"
"No, but that's a funny name"
"I'm the dude from last Thursday"
"oh, yeah....Hey, I got to go dance, but Ill talk to you later"
She never came back or bothered to look over for the rest of the night.....Ouch.


Jmac5000 said...
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Anonymous said...

love this piece man cant wait to see it done


david maas said...

Hey Red,
I'm a fan. As for Ruby: maybe she's up for a barter! Nothing more flattering than a sculpture of herself as muse!



My friend and I met these three guys and a girl at The Frolic Room in Hollywood. Our friends exchanged phone numbers, but Red Rooster gives me a BLOGSPOT URL. He told me that I would like it, do you think he was right?

Anonymous said...

I think the Red Rooster is sexy

Anonymous said...

good shit bro. I love LA and I love the art I find here. You tell a story well and your sculptures are sexy as hell and remind me of my exes;)