Tuesday, January 30, 2007


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Photography by Phil Holland

Thank you all who came out to support at the Cannibal flower show last Saturday. For those who missed it, this was the piece on display. I have to give props to my boy Phil Holland
for doing such an awsome job of photographing this piece. Hopefully all of you can make it to the "Mixed Media" show Feb.17 at the Upstairs at the market Gallery Ill be presenting 6 pieces at that show.
See you there


klim said...

my head hurts from seeign all this great form work
designer vinyl has nothing on you

just stunning

on e of the first times in a long time I am actually inspired to mash some clay around


RedRooster said...

Hey, rock on bro'. Thanks for the kind words.

jriggity said...

Badd ass!

Thats a Bueatifull piece of artwork bro.


Abz said...

You're incredible. Im inspired!