Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Step 2: The Sketch

So next up is the sketch. I usually sketch out my sculptures ahead of time and use my sketch as a guide. I know lots of sculptors who don’t even bother with this part and dive right in. Thats cool too, I just like to plan ahead a little because it saves on materials in the long run and it just makes things go a lot faster when you visualize and know what the end product should look like.

This particular piece is based on the previous story (BIG TROUBLE in little tokyo). Its also a collaboration between me and my friend, a very talented sculptor known as Phil Ramirez. For those who don’t know Phil is one of the most talented toy sculptors in the industry and his work is insanely and ridiculously awesome. I am beyond great full and equally as honored to be working with Phil Ramirez.
So I have designed a frame that will house a sculpture of a woman that is being sculpted by Phil Ramirez. The Idea for this frame is that it will be made up of abstract arms and fists that signify a brawl. Then after I sketch it I take it to a photo copier and blow it up to whatever size I want to. This makes it easier to mock up and figure out how much material you’ll need.
This is the sketch. I’ll up date with pictures of the mock up and armature build later.


judemasti said...

Holy shit! OK.. I knew you were talented... but to find this little gem hiding away on the net... daaayum! Hey Juan... amazing truly amazing. I'm in India now... and still in awe of your work. Sure wish I'd bought that piece... sometime eh? haha :) At least I can admire it all on the net.. you should be making a fortune doing all this... it's incredible. BTW.. you can friggin' write dude! Ever thought of a book? One of these days someone's gonna make a movie about you... something like 'Weeds' with sculpture... hahaha :D

Stefan Schumacher said...

your stuff is badass man! wow

Israel said...

You're friends w/ Phil Ramirez, huh? I really like his work.

Is he of Mexican origin by any chance?

RedRooster said...

He's Irish-Mexican and looks like a white supremacist. No Joke. I also heard he likes to eat human babies for breakfast...that is also not a Joke.